For iPhone, iPad & Apple TV we are going to use an app called "GSE Smart IPTV". Please go to your app store and search GSE Smart IPTV and install it. Once installed please open it and follow the instructions given below:


Step 1

Please click on "Remote Playlists" in the left side bar menu.

Step 2

Please click on + (PLUS) icon to add a new Remote Playlist.

Please note there might some pre-existing playlists. Those are demo playlists you can either ignore them or delete them.

Step 3

Please choose M3U URL option.

Step 4

This is most important step because here you will have to provide your own personalized Playlist URL and name. For name we are going to enter Uzzu TV. and for Playlist URL you will have to enter your own playlist URL. 

Please note we sent you this URL in our first Wellcome email. Now you can also create your own Playlist URL very easily. The format of the Playlist is:

So your are going to replace your_own_email with your actual email you used to register Uzzu TV account. For example if i used to create my account on Uzzu TV then i will write: and for example if your email is then your playlist URL will be:

Now if you face any issue at this point you can always reach us by sending an email to and one of our agent will send you the correct playlist URL.

Step 5

Click on Add button to save the list. Now it will take you back to remote playlist section. Click on newly added playlist.

Step 6

At this point you will see a complete list of content which is available to you. You can click on Live Channel section to watch live channels. If you want to watch NBA games then click on NBA Games section to watch live NBA games.



Please note GSE Smart IPTV is not a free app. Its owned and controlled by a 3rd party company. In order to buy its license please open left side bar menu and scroll it to the bottom.

It will cost you $3 for lifetime license. 


If you have any questions or face any problem while configuring your GSE Smart IPTV app then please send us an email at: