• In the first step download web video caster on your smartphone (For Android & iOS)
  • Assuming that you have installed Web Video Caster on your device, launch the app.
  • Tap the three-lined sandwich icon above to toggle the sidebar and select IPTV from the list of options.
iptv channels for roku
  • Tap the + icon above, tap the field under IPTV address, and paste the M3U URL sent to you in first wellcome email by uzzu tv. You can create your own URL by following this format.
    https://uzzu.tv/app2/your_email    (Please replace your_email with your account email)
  • So for example if use my email andre@uzzu.tv to signup with uzzu then my IPTV address will be: https://uzzu.tv/app2/andre@uzzu.tv  (replace andre@uzzu.tv with your own email address that you use to signup with Uzzu TV)
  • Put a name for the IPTV list below (in this case uzzu tv) and click SAVE to add the IPTV list.
iptv player for roku
  • Click on the Cast icon
watch iptv on roku
  • Select Roku to let the app scan your Roku device on the home network and tap DONE. Make sure your smartphone and Roku is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


  • Head over to the IPTV section of the app to open the IPTV list you just added. Give it some seconds to load the playlist.
  • Once the IPTV list loads successfully, select a channel from the list or use the Search function above to search for a channel.
  • Select your Roku device on the next page, then click the Play button.