If you have a high speed internet and your streams are buffering then please read this article carefully. 


Step 1 - Speed Test

Please open this website: http://speed.iplhd.tv/ ony our mobile and go closer to your WIFI router to make sure you are getting maximum WIFI signals possible. Now click on start button to run a speed test. After speed test is finished it will show you a sharing link. Please copy it and send it to support@uzzu.tv or reply to the email thread you already have with support. With this specific URL they will be able to get most of the information needed like jitter and download and uplink information. If you get more than 30Mbps then please proceed to next step.

Step 2 - WIFI Signal Test

Please open our site: https://uzzu.tv/member on your mobile browser and go closer to your WIFI router and now try to watch any channel of your choice. Please watch it for few minutes and see if its buffering or freezing? If not then chances are that your watching device like TV or Firestick etc. is not getting good wifi signals thus its buffering. If this is the case then we cannot do much. But if you relocate your router closer to your TV/Firestick etc. then it should resolve this issue.

Step 3 - Final Step

If you are getting more than 30mbps in your first step and your streams are still buffering in second steps then chances are our local servers overload. In that case please contact us on support@uzzu.tv explaining your test results and all and we will get in touch with our Network Provider and see if they can resolve the issue.